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We get tangled in the twisted roads,
We are crushed between the people’s goal;
Don’t see anything because we are running so fast,
The metal in us becomes rage at last.

Ego as high as skyscrapers,
We do anything to reach the sky.
Luxury becomes our goal and
money as steps on which we roll.

Ignorance as character
devil our friend,
And friends become enemy
and enemy as partners of game

Crush all who comes in our way,
Rush all the way to the top;
Reach where no has reached,
Achieve which no one imagined.

What law, what culture,
What rule, and what society,
The theme is capitalism
And the props as greed, kill, rape, loot and plunder.

Once there was peace and, it was just once,
Why we think of this although it never existed,
The world is based on violence
And history as proof.

But as human we have changed,
And I believe we will once again,
And that will be for good
But we need to know who’s good?